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2019 Design Trends

Designers constantly think outside the box and come up with new ways to make graphic design innovative as well as relevant. Graphics are the most dynamic, vibrant and eye catching elements of the print and digital world. They evolve yearly to hit the right demographics and meet the requirements of the technological platforms and devices. Let's take a peak at the 2019 Design Trend Predictions...

1. Duo Tones

The Duo Tone Effect clearly stands out and makes an impression. This 80's style feel will be seen a lot in 2019. The two-toned colors make certain elements pop over others while adding depth and dimension.

2. Metallic Colors

Metallics. We all love 'em. Not only does it make a business card stand out, metallics add dimension, texture, simplicity or noise to any image or graphic; print or digital.

Gradients and galactic effects, which are other 2019 trends, correspond with the metallic look.

I'm thinking either funky, freaky or fantastic!

3. Font + Typography

Now this graphic trend excites me. Though I've been experimenting with font and typography for some time now, it's amazing to see the different stories you can tell or portray.

Font Pairings

4. Minimalism

Yes, minimalism is here to stay. Kind of ironic to look at todays digital world; busy, cluttered and sometimes a bit 'too-much'. Its as if minimal designs, being as simple and to the point as they are, actually can stand out more than an informative ad or graphic.

The example below brings in another trend of 2019, asymmetric graphics. This is a trend where creativity has no limits. Adding depth, dimension or accents to just about anything.

ubuzzin' it?

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