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Business Card Trends: 2018

“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” -Andy Warhol

As a marketer, business cards are an effective tool to convey my clients brand message. Let's take a look at what's trending in Business Card Design...

Every layout comes with a strategy, the latest social networks featured. Business cards today have become fun projects in the design world...

1. Simplicity

Think Minimal. Clean. Fresh. Crisp...Simple.

A lot are shifting to a more minimalist look because it's clean, direct, and straight to the point.

2. BIG Typeface

“Go BIG Or Go Home”

Bold. Strong. IN-YO-FACE style. Want to make sure your clients remember your company’s name? Big typeface will leave an impression. This style is for a Company that wants to portray leadership in their industry.

Personal opinion? I enjoy mixing over-sized typeface with minimal design layout. I find it grabs the attention of the person holding it.

3. Interactive Business Card Design

Interactive is fun....but at what price?...

I've been wanting to create an interactive business card for quite some time why haven't I?...finding someone to print it is quite difficult (which is why when you do find someone, it's quite costly).

4. Branding Elements

With social networking still on the rise, branding elements has become a big trend for business cards.

Say a coffee shop wants to send the message that their coffee is 100% organic, having a image on their business card will attract their target.

Branding elements are not just images. Say that coffee shop wants to replace that 100% Organic image with a map to their location, using Hashtags is another way to add branding. In this case it would be beneficial to place the #organic around the area where the Company website or social network is displayed.

ubuzzin' it?

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