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Ontario: The Most Connected Province

Canadians love social media, particularly Ontario!

As a marketer, I keep a close eye on the social trends, statistics, successes and fails. When the social stats were released, I was not shocked that Canada, Ontario is particular, is the most connected.

SOCIALscape, a company that measures Canadian social media usage and messaging patterns, came out with the annual report in June of this year.

The snapshot below gives us the percentage of individuals that have a social network account based by Province.

Though I'm not surprised that Facebook remains in top spot as far as popularity, What surprises me is how businesses are not utilizing the platform more in terms of generating leads, traffic and branding.

Considering the report is quite long, here are the key findings in the SOCIALscape 2018 Report.

  • Almost all Canadians use Social Media

  • Social Media is Primarily Facebook-based

  • Social Media reading is mostly passive reading

  • 69% read a social media platform daily and 85% do so at least once a week.

  • Adult online Canadians primarily use social media to connect with a large swath of friends and family, but they also follow select companies, news media and celebrities in their feeds.

To read to full SOCIALscape report, visit this link

Though I plan to talk more about this topic, here are some additional key findings...

Key Findings 2018 Canadian Social Stats

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