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The 1/3 Rule

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Regardless of the industry, most businesses tend to over promote on their social media platforms.

Though its tempting, STOP NOW. Seriously.

By continuing this method, you will loose followers and likes. When potential customers are scrolling through your page, they are looking for something more than just your product or service. Think about it, there is a reason why they clicked on your page.

So...what do you post?

The answer is the Social Media Rule of Thirds. A easy rule to be conscious of when posting on social media...

An Easy Formula For Your Businesses Social Media Page

Keep In Mind

  • 1/3: Promoting Your Business

  • 1/3: Industry Ideas, Tips

  • 1/3: Personal Interaction With Followers, Industries, etc.

Here are examples...

Promoting Your Business

Promotions, sales, and offers fall into this category. Anything that indicates, I want your business!

Industry Ideas, Tips...

I'd like to note, YOU can be an industry leader. In the example below, the first photo is sharing an informative post from a similar industry. The second example, however, is in the same nature but the post is from my own business. Blogging is a great way to generate leads and it's something to consider if you don't already blog (then again, that's another post!)

If you're stuck on this one then here's a tip: PINTEREST! Yes, Pinterest. Search your industry and I promise, endless articles, infographics and tips will come up.

Personal Interactions

Personal Interactions show your audience you're human. There's a few ways it can be carried out. In the first example, we posted a clients boomerang video that was pretty comical. The second example is how we acknowledged it was International Women's Day. Additional examples that are not shown is:

  • creating a poll

  • asking a question in a post

  • commenting/replying on photos and posts

ubuzzin' it?

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